Place your chips on the table to make your stakes that best accommodates your preference. Once you've finished placing stakes, the Roulette will begin to spin in 360 degrees. Once the Roulette stops spinning, the winning number is marked and the winning stakes will be granted.
The Roulette wheel consists of numbers 1 through 36 in pockets, and the pockets are alternatively colored red and black. Roulette also consists 0 and there is 00 in American Roulette which are colored green.

The numbers in Roulette ranges from 1-36, with pocket colors red and black alternatively and an additional 0, the pocket color is green. In American Roulette there is an additional 00 number which is green.

Here are the different bets you can make in Roulette:

Straight or Single: Wager on one number only, inclusively the 0 and the 00. Place your chip on any specific number.

Split: Wager on two adjoining numbers, vertically or horizontally. Place your chips on the line between two numbers, inclusively the 0 and the 00.

Street: Wager on three numbers. Mark any row. Place your chip on the outside line of the row of three numbers.

Corner: Wager on four numbers. Place your chip in the cross where four numbers meet.

Six Line or Double Street: Bet on six numbers. Place your chip on the outside line of two rows of three numbers.

Column: Wager on twelve numbers within a column. Chip is placed on one of three boxes marked 2 to 1, marking 12 numbers. 0 and 00 are losing numbers.

Dozen: Wager on twelve numbers within a column. Chip is placed on one of the three marked boxes, 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.

Double Column: Wager on twenty-four numbers.

Double Dozen: Wager on twenty-four numbers corresponding to two of the three dozen.

Inside stakes are the potential ones you can make in the center part of the table.
Outside wagers are placed outside of the table.
There are a few different payouts in roulette that are impacted by numerous different aspects. For example, if you bet on just one number, it offers a payout of 35:1, and the payout for an odd or even bet will be 1:1.
According to your bet, possible payout are as follows:
Straight offers a payout of 35:1
Split offers a payout of 17:1
Street offers a payout of 11:1
Corner offers a payout of 8:1
Column offers a payout of 2:1
Dozen offers a payout of 2:1
These are bets that include 5 numbers. A bet on specific single number and its four neighboring numbers.
The minimum amount allowed is $1 to play roulette.
The maximum amount allowed is $50 to play roulette.
It is extremely easy to distinguish between them. American Roulette has two zeroes (0, 00) whereas there is only one zero (0) in French and European Roulette.

In Blackjack you play against the dealer and the winning hand is the higher hand which is closest to 21 points.

You will get two cards. Depending upon how much the two cards score, the most appropriate action is decided.

If you get an Ace and a card which is worth 10 points you get Blackjack and it pays 3 to 2.

If your hand and the dealers hand value is the same or tie, your original stake is refunded to you.

Jack (J), Queen (Q) and King (K) are worth 10 points each.

Each Ace is worth either 1 point or 11 points

All other cards of 2-to-10 string, rank=point value. For example: A 2 card, is worth 2 points.

When you have a pair of identically ranked initial cards, you have the opportunity to split them apart into separate hands. Then you will be dealt a new second card for each hand and you place a full initial bet with each equal to the starting bet.

You can open or split a game with letters be "black", cards 10, J, Q, K and Ace which are all worth 10 points and can be considered equal pairs. Each game is played independently.

Different Blackjack games have different conditions to be met in order to double your bet. As a general rule, you are permitted to double your bet when you get 9, 10 or 11 by betting equal amount you had bet. You get double your profit, if you win.
It varies from casino to casino.
1 to 8 may be used at a Blackjack table. However, it depends on the Blackjack game.
They are automatically shuffled at the start of each round.
Your original stake is refunded to you.
On a $10 bet, you get exactly the same amount which is $10, plus the original bet, if you win. It pays 2:1.
When the total reaches 17 and over, the dealer stands.
The standard payout for a winning blackjack is 3 dollars for every 2 that you bet. So, the total payout will be 3+2.
You play against the dealer in video poker. The goal is to obtain a certain set of cards that reward payout. You place a stake and then you get five cards from the machine. You can then pick the cards to hold and reject the others. The rejected cards are removed to be left with the final hand. Profit will rely upon the ranking of your hand. You can wager from 1 to 5 chips in video poker game. When your game is finished, you can recuperate your chips and can be exchanged for cash.
54 cards English deck is used to play video poker. The individual cards ranking from high to low is, A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Poker hands ranking from the highest to the lowest is, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card.
A wild card is a card which can stand for any other card in the deck to create the best possible poker hand.
It implies the opportunity for one more bet in a play.
It means Donne. This alludes to the activity that happens once the cards have been picked or on the contrary dismissed.
Kicker is a card that can boost your profits when added to the original hand. The Ace, a 2, 3 or 4 can stand as kickers.
As the name implies, you can play multiple hands simultaneously. In some variants you can choose to play between 3, 5 and 10 hands per round.
It implies that the player chooses to withdraw cash from the machine. Just pressing the button marked under the same name is enough for cash out.
The rejected cards are removed to be left with the final hand.

The goal of this game is quite simple. It is to get symbols or identical figures in the front of the machine to start winning the prizes.

Some basics of slot machine that can help you better understand the slot machine games:

Slot machines offer different denominations. The denominations are the value of tokens or coins which the players are required choose to play. Players can then press the spin button or toggle button to produce corresponding combination. The value of bet can be increased or decreased in the top and bottom of the screen by the player anytime before the reels stop.

Bet One button allows the players to increase bet by 1 unit. Bet Max is for maximum betting using all available coins. The maximum can be 3-5 tokens.

Multiplier function in slot machines allow players to bet with several coins or tokens to accomplish noteworthy profits. If the player wins, then each coin adds to the profits.

Slot machines have at least one pay line and of course more. Payline is a winning line drawn across the reels. If you land matching symbols in a line up it results in awarding payout. You decide with how many paylines you want to play; the max can be 9.

There are bonuses and free spins in slot games which can benefit the players.

There is an awards panel in the slot to check the value of game elements. It also explains how to get bonuses
The modern machines have a bonus system which gives players access to free spins or extra credits for significant profits.
Jackpot is the biggest potential payout for a single spin on a slot machine.
This is a line on which the player makes stakes.
Slot machines offering more than one payline going up to fifty paylines are multi-line machines.
Wild can substitute any symbol except scatters and can complete a winning line.
Vertical positions on the grid are reels. Symbols on reels change at every spin are shown. The slots are made up of three to five reels typically.
When the right number of scatter symbols is present anywhere on the reels, it unlocks various features for winnings. It can be in the form of free spins or multipliers.
If a player lands min three scatter symbols, then the free spin feature gets activated.

Players at Kat's Casino can deposit in two ways; Credit/ Debit and Bitcoin.

Credit/ Debit: Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Bitcoin: For Bitcoin transactions players can choose any Bitcoin Wallets.

Step 1: Go to 'Credit / Debit Cards' selection and select either MasterCard or Visa.
Step 2: In 'Card Payment Details' section, write the full name as it appears on the card and account holder in the first line.
Step 3: Write the complete card number in the second line without any dashes nor spaces.
Step 4: Write the CVV number in the third line. CVV is the 3-digit number given on the rear of your card. The 3-digit CVV verifies your card and shield you from possible scam.
Step 5: Use the two drop-downs and choose the expiry date of the card.
Step 6: Type in the deposit amount. The minimum amount is $35.00 and maximum amount is $1,000 for a Credit/ Debit deposit.
Step 7: Go to the next section and confirm or add a billing address.
Step 8: Click on 'Proceed' to make your deposit.
Bitcoin is decentralized cryptocurrency or digital currency which can be used for online transactions. You can exchange your standard currency for Bitcoin currency to make online transactions. Bitcoin is one of the safest and fastest ways to transfer funds into your account.

To use Bitcoin, first need to get a Bitcoin wallet. It is used to transfer and receive BTC. There are many Bitcoin wallets available. You can choose your wallet. You can go to sites like Coinbase.com, Coinmama.com, or Paxful.com. The fees and restrictions vary site to site.

Once your Bitcoin wallet is set up, you can exchange your currency for Bitcoin currency. There are different sites available to buy Bitcoin, like, Blockchain.info.

Under deposits choose the Bitcoin option and simply copy/ paste our Bitcoin Address onto your
It can be declined due to insufficient funds.
It can be declined for invalid card information.
It can be declined if blocked for international transactions.
It can be declined if it is a pre-paid card and restricted to domestic use only.
It can be declined if flagged due to fraudulent activity.
The wrong cryptocurrency was chosen (we only use the common Bitcoin currency)
Transaction timeout reached. This can be because of a couple of reasons:
Bitcoin address expired
Bitcoin address transaction stuck
or the Bitcoin address is incorrect.
Once you click on 'Proceed' to make your deposit and the transaction is successfully processed, the 'Transaction Information' page is prompted. Just under the 'Total amount entered' there is a space to enter your bonus code with a Check button in green color. All you need to do is, enter the valid bonus code and apply by clicking 'Check'.

Bitcoin, Bank Checks, and Bank Wire.

Here are the limits and restrictions for Bitcoin payout:
Bitcoin deposit and Bitcoin payout process are quite similar. We transfer your funds to your Bitcoin wallet using your Bitcoin address. If you want you can keep Bitcoin credit for future transaction or you can exchange your Bitcoin credit for regular currency like dollars on a Bitcoin exchanger (There are many sites available).

Min: $100 Max: $2,000($30 - $40 Fee)
It takes 48 to 72 hours for payouts to be processed and approved. Deposits can take 4 to 7 business days to reach your wallet once processed.

Here are the limits and restrictions for withdrawal through Bank Checks:
Bank Checks Min: $200 - $2000 ($50 - $75 Fee)
The minimum amount for withdrawal is $200 because Checks may involve bank processing expenses and overnight fees.
It takes 48 - 72 hours for payouts to be processed and approved. Checks will take 7 to 10 business days to arrive once processed. Checks are sent securely by courier to the address we have on file for your account, and will not be delivered to P.O. boxes.

Here are the limits and restrictions for withdrawal through Bank Wire:
Bank Wire Min: $500 - $2000 ($50 - $75 Fee)
$500 is the minimum and $2000 is the maximum amount permitted for withdrawal through Wire Transfer. The processing fee is deducted from the total withdrawal amount.
It takes 48 – 72 hours for payouts to be processed and approved. Deposits can take 7 to 10 business days to reach your bank account once processed.
Special requirements for wire transfer withdrawals may apply. For more details on Wire transfer, contact us at banking@katsassistance.com or call us at +1 844 780 0786.

Before you request a withdrawal, we will need some documents from you.
Any deposit made with Credit Card or Debit Card we will need:
Duplicate of the completed Credit Card Authorization Form (click on the link below to print out the form). Get Credit Card Agreement Form
Duplicate of your identification card, passport or driver's license. (Front and back of Driver's License)
Duplicate of Utility Bill to verify Mailing Address.
Duplicate of Debit or Credit Card used to make your deposit. (Front and back)

Any deposit made via Bitcoin will need:
Duplicate of your identification card, passport or driver's license. (Front and back of Driver's License)
Duplicate of Utility Bill to verify Mailing Address.

Players at Kat's Casino are allowed one payout each week at a limit of $2,000 per time frames period.